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Welcome to my blog! I am Donald R. Hoofard, Sr. and I write the "Dane" novels. Each story is based on my life as a Federal Fugitive Recovery Agent hunting down, apprehending, and returning the baddest of the bad to U.S. Justice from foreign lands that had provided safe harbor to them until I came along. Now retired from that life, I write about my cases for you to get to know that side of life as a Professional Bounty Hunter. It is the most dangerous occupation on the face of this earth, and I have lived to tell about it.

This weblog is my online journal. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer essays. My topics include, but are not limited to, careers and matters pertaining, and of interest to those within:
Law Enforcement
Bounty Hunting/Fugitive Recovery Agent (State, Federal, and International)
Professional Writing as a Freelancer
and whatever else related to the above you want to know about. You can email your questions to me at admin@hoofard.us .  I will respond in kind a.s.a.p. to you. Remember, I may not always agree with what you may have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.... 
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Have had some questions posed of late to me. What do you think?
Have been asked to come out of retirement as a martial arts instructor and open another school, should I? What do you think? It seems that Black Belt Magazine has listed me among the Black Belt Instructors in Texas and I am getting calls about what I teach, where's my school, and what's the cost from all over the place.
First, I teach Tai-Kwon-Do, Aikido, and a style that myself and fellow instructor, Tony Anguiano (San Antonio,Tx.) created together called "Aiki-Kwon-Do", a combo of the two styles. We are the Grand Masters of that style. I also study Tai-Chi and Jeet-Koon-Do.
If I do open a new school (Dojo) it will be located In Jasper, Tx. and it will be registered with the AAU as such. I was once an AAU Sanctioned School and Competions Judge for them. It will be named as my previous ones were, after my sinsai (teacher), "Le'Chein Martial Arts". He was Quan Dux Le'Chein, a mainland China Grand Master in Tai-Kwon-Do.
Tell me what you think?
Until later,
7:33 pm pdt

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ben Laiden Question....
I get asked about whether or not I would go after Osama Bin Laden alot. Here's my reply to that.
Only a complete idiot would hunt Bin Laden. Why? Because you'd have to have either a death wish or be insane. First, he's a religious leader that has followers every where. Afghanistan isn't giving him up are they? No, their not. So, the only one who could get him at all would have to be a sniper that was able to get within 2500 yards of him for that shot. And, let's say you make that shot. What next? How do you plan to escape this and live? You're chances are from a very very slight slim of a chance to none at all to survive. Not just personally, but professionally, I don't like the odds. At least when I did a case, I knew I had a planned way out. The odds were in my favor at getting out alive far before I ever went into the country to start it. Getting into Afghanistan is not the problem. It's the getting out again that is. Think about it this way, even though millions in bounty money has been offered for Bin Laden, why hasn't anybody actually seriously tried it? Because they'd be dead within minutes of pulling the trigger.  I wanted to spend my bounty money. You can't do that when you're dead yourself. And, no bounty ever gets paid to your next of kin.
I operated on the terms that suited me. I sought justice for crimes committed in our homeland. Yes, Bin Laden fits that bill, and I'd love nothing better than to be the one to pull the trigger on him, if I could. But, his case calls for more than a single one man operation. It calls for a military action that would force him out into the open for his escape attempt, and a well placed sniper round hitting its target. He's not the sort that would allow his apprehension. He's already said he's die first. So, let it be written. So, let it be done.
So, let it be until next time.
2:15 am pdt

Monday, August 23, 2010

It sure gets complicated sometimes....
Sometimes life seems far too complicated for the things one goes through just to get to the end of their day. Even living in small town America it can be no picknick at times. The last couple of days have been ones that I'd just as soon forget about. You know what I mean? You know, when the money gets tight and still everyone wants a dollar more than you have to give. There's only so much in the piggy bank and I ain't breakin' it for anybody. That little bank has already gotten so many cracks in it from all the shaking it's taken over the years, and I am running out of my tube of super glue trying to keep it together. You can only break it so many times and that's it. I can't afford a new one, and have grown attached to this little one. Don't worry little piggy. I ain't gon'a break into you again. Well, not for a while anyway, if I can help it.
Until next I write,
11:13 pm pdt

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today We Added a Donate Button!
We (Hoofard Agency and the House of Dane) have added at the bottom left on this page a donate button. We seek sponsors, donations from criminal justice fans, and the like that are also fans of our work. The donations will go toward funding a national tour of the U.S. to at least 20 major cities to promote criminal justice careers in a rare one-of-a-kind recruiting drive.  In return for your help, we'll keep you posted as to which cities are chosen, the dates of the tour, and so on in a monthly news letter for you. Just sign up on our contact email list to continue to be in the know about Mr. Hoofard's national tour and what's the latest word on where he'll be, etc. Donate, get involved, and join the tour. Happy Hunting!
9:17 pm pdt

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I always get asked,"How can I get into bounty hunting?"
The kind of bounty hunter that I was is nothing like what you can see on the "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" show. He goes after small time criminals for tv. I went after the worst lot of criminals known to man. They were all extremely dangerous and deadly types that thought nothing of killing to remain free. The way one gets into that line of work is by having extensive previous training in investigations, prior police work on undercover cases, and working in a warrants division dealing with matters pertaining to the types of fugitives you'd be going after and apprehending. It calls for you to work without a safety net and working much of it solo in countries that, if they discover what you're there for, will kill you first if they can. It is not an occupation you can just get into. There's no school for international fugitive recovery out there that I am aware of to date. The exception being what some F.B.I. and C.I.A. Agents may get prior to their international duty. I began in it by accident after many years as an active peace officer, and having friends that had no where else to turn for help on that first case that I took for them. There's no applications to fill out with some agency to get started, but rather recommendations made that open that door after proving that you have that prior experience that I've mentioned here.
My best,
9:40 pm pdt

Getting Started
Hello all! Well I'm busy into book II in my series. I have found that writing about one's self is not as easy as you might think it is, trust me. It requires that I return to places and to things I'd just as soon forget about. But, I have stories like no others you'll find from anyone at this point. My life has dealt with death alot. I have learned to heal over those things and now to rehash them for my readers is a pain staking task for me. So bare with me if it seems too long a period between each book in time. I have had many roads traveled in my life and in sharing each crooked road with you I am helping myself heal old wounds. Some long forgotten until now and new ones that are still as fresh as yesterday to me. It is my hope that you will find my stories worth reading. That you will come to know about that life which few have ever known except those who would dare live it. After many years in law enforcement, I decided to take it one step further in my fight against crime and the criminal. I stepped into the world of international bounty hunting. From my point of view it has to be the most dangerous way to make a living that I know of, and yet as old a profession as time itself. Ever since the first man fled one country into another for safe harbor, bounty hunters came into being. It has always been a "Bring Em' Back Dead of Alive" ever since, and I am one of those that dared live that life.
8:57 pm pdt

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