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Welcome to my blog! I am Donald R. Hoofard, Sr. and I write the "Dane" novels. Each story is based on my life as a Federal Fugitive Recovery Agent hunting down, apprehending, and returning the baddest of the bad to U.S. Justice from foreign lands that had provided safe harbor to them until I came along. Now retired from that life, I write about my cases for you to get to know that side of life as a Professional Bounty Hunter. It is the most dangerous occupation on the face of this earth, and I have lived to tell about it.

This weblog is my online journal. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer essays. My topics include, but are not limited to, careers and matters pertaining, and of interest to those within:
Law Enforcement
Bounty Hunting/Fugitive Recovery Agent (State, Federal, and International)
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and whatever else related to the above you want to know about. You can email your questions to me at admin@hoofard.us .  I will respond in kind a.s.a.p. to you. Remember, I may not always agree with what you may have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.... 
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Friday, October 7, 2011

TV Ads and a Possible New TV series as Host ....
Been a while since I've added to this site for quite a few reasons I am not yet willing to talk about due to my temper. But, now that I can once again, here goes. I now have a new tv ad that is for my current book,"Dane, a life and time thereof: First Bounty" on the air throughout East Texas way. It's being run on Beaumont's Channel 12 on both their ABC and NBC stations. So, if you haven't yet seen it, you will through December of this year. If you have Ch. 12 and Ch. 50 through Dish Network, that is. In addition to that, Storyhouse Productions is talking about a new tv show to be hosted by yours truly that will cover the more dangerous bounty hunter stories worked by the real hunters, not the "Dog" types. I am to interview each star hunter about their most dangerous criminal apprehensions with actors re-living the stories through re-inacting them. So, if you, or someone you know has a case they'd like told about and be featured on it talking about their most dangerous case let me know and I'll forward their story to the producers for evaluation. I am excited about this stuff now happening.

And...my Book II, "Dane: Saigon J.U.M.P." is coming along nicely and will be published soon for you to get through any book store. I want you to remember that the "Dane" books are a series and each one, from book I throught book VII tells my life story for you, from age 12 years through to why I ended up here in Jasper, Tx. and currently working for the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice.

Chat again soon,

Don H.
6:18 pm pdt

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