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Regular readers of our blog will want to know who we are, and this is the place to let you know that.

Our info:
Donald R. Hoofard, Sr. is our published Author and head honcho for Hoofard Agency and the House of DANE. He's retired from active law enforcement and as an active Federal Fugitive Recovery Agent (Bounty Hunter). He spent more than 37 years dedicated to the criminal justice system, and now writes about that life. He can also be found on the Elance site as a provider of writing services known as theghoster.elance.com. Do you have a story to tell?
The House of DANE is a fine dining and entertainment center chain much like the "Dave & Buster's" are. Only these establishments are based on the stories and characters found in the "DANE" novels being written. Each one unique just as the books themselves are (coming soon to 20 major U.S. cities). If you are an investor and would like to get involved with The House of DANE, do contact us for more information.
If you want Mr. Hoofard to appear as a guest speaker or for a book signing event you're planning contact the Onyx Moon Agency, L.L.C. through www.onyxmoon.com. They handle all of his personal appearances.

We'll post all the basic information about us that we're comfortable sharing, including things like our backgrounds and locations.

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Here we'll describe why we started this blog and describe the topics we're primarily interested in covering in it.

Donald R. Hoofard, Sr.
Author at work on his latest book.

Book One of the "Dane" series
Dane, a life and time thereof: First Bounty

Mr. Hoofard is currently working on book two in his series based on his life titled,"Dane: Saigon J.U.M.P." due for release later this year.

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